Volkswagen transporter camper huren Woodpecker Campers


Whether you’re dreaming of a summer vacation with your family, an adventurous trek through nature, or an unforgettable road trip, our campers are ready to make your adventure real. With comfortable sleeping and seating space for up to 4 people, our campers offer a cozy home.


The campers are equipped with amenities such as an awning, bike rack and outdoor shower. Additionally, they come with standard camping gear, including cookware, chairs and a table. This means you only need to pack your personal belongings and you’re ready to go.


Ready for your next adventure? Rent a Woodpecker camper through our trusted partners at!


Considering purchasing a Woodpecker camper, but still doubting? Experience a Woodpecker by renting one! If you decide to buy a Woodpecker Camper afterwards, you’ll receive a refund of the rental fee. Check out our terms and conditions for more information.

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