Camper Volkswagen kopen Woodpecker campers

The Woodpecker Camper

Designed by our carpenter Jonas

Because of its compact size and reliable engine the Volkswagen Transporter has been a favourite campervan for many years. This is also why we decided to take this model as base. The interior is specially designed for the Volkswagen Transporter and fits in both T5 and T6 models. Ours self-made design is unique and suits modern day camping needs. Due to the many options available, the van can be customized to fit your very own style and needs.


  • 2 or 4 people registered on license plate
  • RDW approved seats
  • BOVAG camper approval
  • Sleeping roof
  • Interior adjustable to own style
RDW approved seats. Seats that are easily transferred into your bed. Pillows can be ordered in several colours.
Woodpecker Camper cabinet Design your unique kitchen by choosing the colours yourself.
Big roof With the possibility to upgrade it to a sleeping roof. The bed moves along with the roof which makes it possible for you to stand straight up in your van. The roof contains 2 ventilation screens.
Large storage underneath the seats Woodpecker Campers use all space available conveniently, so you can bring all your holiday gear with you.
Fiamma bike carrier Carries 2 to 4 bikes.
Sliding window on kitchen side For hot summers or when you are cooking.
Fiamma/Thule canopy Placed on a Reimo multirail so it's detachable during winter time.
Alloy wheels A nice upgrade on the steel rims, to finish off your campervan!
Luxurious radio with Carplay and Android Easily navigate with Google Maps and listen to your own music with Spotify.
  • Original Woodpecker Camper cabinet, customizable colours
  • Large (sleeping) pop top roof
  • Insulated floor and walls
  • Carpeted inside
  • Turning front seats
  • Custom curtains
  • High quality vinyl floor
  • Sit and sleep combination for up to 3 people, RDW approved
  • 14 or 40 liter blue and grey water tanks
  • 42 liter fridge with freeze compartment
  • Sink with water crane
  • Stove with 2 gas burners
  • Extra battery
  • 6x Dimmable LED lights
  • 4x 12V USB power sockets
  • 2x 230V power sockets
  • Reading light in pop top roof
  • Fiamma canopy
  • Bike carrier for up to 4 bikes
  • Heater installation
  • Luxury multi media radio
  • Reverse camera
  • Solar panel 150W
  • Outside shower
  • Luxury comfort bed
  • 2x folding chair in rear hatch or rear doors
  • Spray painted two tone colours
  • Off road look
  • Custom wrap
  • Original Volkswagen alloy wheels
  • Side bars

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